Barry Kitson signing at Henk Comics!
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24 Sep
This event is over (unless you are a time traveler).
Barry Kitson returns to Henk Comics! After almost 4 years our good friend returns to our store for another fun day at Henk Comics! Of course, we will have a brand new signed and numbered special print by Barry and he will of course sign your comics! He will also be selling original artwork from published comics and preliminary art work. Barry Kitson first started working for Marvel UK and 2000 AD, working with acclaimed writers like Peter Milligan, Grant Morrison, and Alan Grant. His first work for DC Comics was a Batgirl special issue, followed by many other titles such as Azrael, JLA: Year One, Contagion and a run on The Titans. In 2004, Kitson helped relaunch Legion of Super-Heroes for DC Comics. Kitson signed an exclusive contract with Marvel Comics in 2007, and has been working since on such titles as The Order, Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four, and The Amazing Spider-Man. In addition, he has worked on The Incredible Hulk, an Iron Man miniseries, and FF. More recently Kitson has provided art for multiple comics for Valiant comics. In 2017, Kitson and Mark Waid collaborated on the Avengers Four limited series. That same year, Kitson drew a Wonder Woman/Tasmanian Devil one-shot, and in 2018 worked on SUPERMAN. In 2019 Barry had a great run with Mark Waid on the DOCTOR STRANGE series at Marvel Comics. Barry will be signing on Saturday, September the 24th between 14:00 -19:00.