Concert in Brussels
19 Nov
This event is over (unless you are a time traveler).
Celebrate 35 years of FINAL FANTASY with a sublime musical performance on the piano, in perfect synchronization with the greatest moments of the saga projected on a giant screen! After the success of the PIANO OPERA: music from FINAL FANTASY tour in 2015-2016, CRYSTALLINE RESONANCE: FINAL FANTASY Piano Concert takes over with a brand new program during which all FINAL FANTASY games will be honored. Some songs will be played on the piano for the first time during an official concert, such as “Heavensward” from FINAL FANTASY XIV, “Somnus” from FINAL FANTASY XV, or “Zanarkand” from FINAL FANTASY X. FINAL FANTASY Classics I to IX will also be there with titles such as “Liberi Fatali” or “One-Winged Angel”. All these works will have the privilege of a sublime performance with arrangements supervised by their original composers. The perfect synchronization of the music played on stage with the HD video extracts of the most memorable moments of the saga projected on a giant screen will create unforgettable evenings rich in emotions! The year 2022 marks the 35th anniversary of the FINAL FANTASY saga, which has sold more than 168 million copies since its debut, across all titles. This new concert takes the opportunity to celebrate and feature the most popular video game soundtrack in the world! Genius pianists will ring out all those well-known melodies in an awe-inspiring performance like never before!
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