Concert in Tilburg
28 Apr
This evening, the Anime Music Festival descends on our Main for the first time! It will be the first time that popular VTubers (virtual animated YouTubers) and Vocaloids (virtual singers with computer generated voices) will appear on stage together in this European debut. Hailing from Japan, these AI superstars are among the favorites of the international anime music movement. Starring Kizuna AI Original Singeroid "#kzn", singing duo HIMEHINA, singing trio MaRiNaSu, fan favorite GUMI and pop twins LiLYPSE, the show becomes a live multimedia spectacle led by DJs. Featuring brand new songs and never-before-seen content, the tour brings these characters to life on state-of-the-art LED and digital projections. Expect a spectacular visual environment where the anime pop stars perform their greatest hits!
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