Tekken 7 Tournament at Molly's
eSports in Amsterdam
26 May
This event is over (unless you are a time traveler).
ttention all Tekken 7 fighters! Molly's Arena is thrilled to announce an exciting tournament that you won't want to miss! With the arrival of new machines, we're hosting a Tekken 7 tournament that promises epic battles and fantastic prizes! Mark your calendars for Friday the 26th of May, 2023, and get ready for an adrenaline-pumping day of Tekken 7 action at Molly's Arena! The tournament will kick off at 17:00, so don't be late! Here are the amazing rewards that await the top performers: 1st place: A jaw-dropping €250 in cash prize, along with the prestigious title of the Tekken 7 champion at Molly's Arena! But that's not all, the winner of the tournament gets to drive in one of our streetlegal Mario-karts ^__^! (Car-license neccesarily, international drivers license is OK, with Dutch permit.) 2nd place: An impressive €150 in cash prize, for proving your skills and securing a top spot in the tournament! 3rd place: A cool €50 in cash prize, for showcasing your fighting prowess and earning a podium finish! 4th place: €50 worth of playcredits for the arcade, allowing you to continue your gaming adventures at Molly's Arena! 5th-8th places: €25 worth of playcredits each, for making it to the top 8 and showing off your skills in the tournament! 9th +places: €10 worth of playcredits each, for participating in the tournament!