From lightsaber to time machine
Other in The Hague
23 May
This event is over (unless you are a time traveler).
Wield a lightsaber, travel through time, whiz through the cosmos with warp 9, teleport to your destination, play with Thor's hammer, or open a gate to a parallel universe (where it's hopefully a bit cozier than in Stranger Things) . Everyone has daydreamed at all the enchanting ideas presented to us in science fiction. And the nice thing is: that also applies to the scientists and engineers who transform such fiction into fact. From lightsaber to time machine discusses the most exciting ideas and technologies from the world of science fiction using the latest insights from science. Always with the question: how close are we actually to the realization? For anyone who suddenly finds themselves in the cinema or watching Netflix thinking: 'Wow, that's cool - I want that too!' Book launch & lecture The book launch of From Lightsaber to time machine is on Tuesday, May 23 at 5 p.m. at bookstore De Vries van Stockum in The Hague. The first copy will be handed over to astronaut and science fiction enthusiast André Kuipers.
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