London Games Room - Hoxton
Arcade in London
A true hidden tropical oasis in Hoxton square, a visit here will make you feel you are abroad without having to take a plane. Get ready to rub shoulders with some resident pirates in a lost island décor and get into the Latino vibe by drinking some trademark cocktails and shaking your hips like Ricky Martin to some great South American tunes. Right at the back of the ground floor you will find a fast and furious FIREBALL foosball table equipped with ITSF lights and plenty of space to play and spectate. You can also find an arcade multi game system machine to have a game of good old Pacman or why not play a puzzle bobble tournament with your friends as long as no one gets upset by losing! If you truly can’t get enough of the Pirates of the Caribbean vibe we recommend you play the “Gilligans Island” pinball located just next to the bar. All machines accept £1 coins. Havanna is available for private hire and bookings.
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