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Geek Events - Tomoparty 2018

Posted on August 31 by Geneva in Geek Magazine

Geneva Tuinfort FloralyzzLet me introduce myself. My name is Geneva, also known as Floralyzz on Instagram. Born in Suriname and living in Amsterdam since I was 2 years old.

Since 2016 I entered the cosplay world and never left. It all started back in 2014 when I helped organise a Halloween party at school. I was dressed up as a police officer. I had so much fun that I hardly wanted to take my costume off. Ever since then I have been looking for excuses to dress up all year.

Since a young age I showed interest in anime, manga, video games and even in some comics. After a random google search, I saw a bunch of people dressed up as the characters of my favorite anime and videogames. I finally discovered cosplay.

Fast forward to February 2016 when I visited my first convention. I didn’t go in cosplay but had such a blast. It was a fun experience. A few months later I decided to visit a con again, this time in cosplay. Ever since then I started doing more cosplays and meeting more people that I am still friends with today. I’d like to take you guys on my continuous journey. It is definitely an honor to blog for FindGeekSpots.

Party Time!

The 4th edition of Tomoparty took place on the August 18, at the ‘De Groene Heuvels’ beach in Eswijk. For the non Dutchies it means The Green Hills. So what is it? Tomoparty is japanese themed beach party

From 13:30 till 22:30 you can have fun with your friends. There are japanese drinks and snacks to consume. There is a small dealer room, cool music provided by DJ Tomobeatz. Typical beach activities like volleyball and swimming. You can also do some nice beach shoots in your cosplay or make some cool pictures yourself. It is a small con, but very cozy and gives a homely feel.

Pros and Cons

I’ll start with the pro’s first. It is a very small con with a lot of friendly people. So it is definitely ideal for people that just started visiting conventions. It’s a lot more easier to

Floralyzz & Anirawrcosplay

make new friends. The tickets are really cheap, so if you already have your group of friends you can convince all of them to join you. Plenty of opportunity to show of your beach cosplay and do some nice shoots.

So now onto the cons. The con is small so you have seen everything in quite a short time. The location is hard to reach with public transport, however the organisation did have shuttle buses. However, you only had two chances when you wanted to go back. Because one shuttle bus was leaving at 17:00 and the other one at 22:30. So if you wanted to leave in between those times and you were with public transport you had to call a taxi to bring you to the nearest train station and split the costs.

Overall I had a nice experience and made some new friends . I even got a taste of Asahi, which is japanese beer. If the opportunity rises, I will definitely visit again next year.