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Geek Spot - Katten cafe Poeslief

Posted on August 6 by Joy in Geek Spots

In the far north of our humble little country lies a beautiful city that we call Groningen (or ‘Grunn’ as I’ve learned on a


night out there - and yes, that is pronounced with one of those hard g’s the Dutch use, so I’ll quickly move on). It is known for its architecture, student culture, and its many bars and clubs that do not have official closing times.

But somewhere in the heart of the city centre lies a pastel-coloured haven. One that does honour to its name by providing us with the sweetest decor, sweetest staff, and 9 of the sweetest furry creatures on this planet: Cat Cafe Poeslief.

Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur...

‘Poeslief’ is a word used by the Dutch to describe something incredibly sweet, and translates to ‘kitty sweet’ aka ‘sweet as a cat’, which makes it most suitable for a cat cafe.

WhatsApp_Image_2018-07-23_at_17.42.18When you enter the cafe, you find yourself in the cutest shop where you can buy all kinds of cat-related things, and Poeslief merch. Behind the shop, you find the ‘living room’ where the cats live, with their own private room upstairs, in case they want to get away from all the humans. There are toys and scratching poles galore, enough places for the cats to hide away or sleep, and plenty of entertainment for the humans as well (like books about cats and a NES mini to game on).

Poeslief homes 9 cats, and when I visited the cafe with my best friend, there were no other people, so we had some alone time with the cats. Some of them were playful, others sleepy, and one of them, unfortunately, particularly, stressed.

The staff member that was present at that time told us that he would be adopted by someone soon, because he did not seem to fit in as well as the others. She explained that a lot of the cats came from one single man who had, at some point, homed 32 cats. Yes. Thirty-two cats. Let that sink in. It is needless to say that it became a bit too much for him, and he was forced to move. His 32 cats were then transferred to new homes, among which some to Poeslief.

All in all, I believe that the cats who found their new home at Poeslief are very lucky. The staff was professional and really seemed to be knowing what they were doing. There was a lot for the cats to do, everything was clean, and the house rules were very clear and explained as soon as we entered. There is a strict policy for children as well (no more than 2 children allowed in at the same time), which ensures that the cats do not stress out too much.

Cat Cafe Poeslief is a definite recommendation when visiting Groningen!

One of the cats even likes to sit in your lap while you’re on the toilet. What more could you really want in life?