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Weekend Tip 6-7 October: Firstlook Festival 2018

Posted on October 1 by Kimberly in Geek Magazine

Top of the Monday mornin’ to you, fellow inhabitants of the Nether-realm, errr I mean Netherlands!

Yes this post is for all the people living in the Netherlands starting of the gloomy autumn work- or schoolweek, counting the days ’til the weekend arrives.

If you are looking for something fun to do this weekend, we have a recommendation for you: FIRSTLOOK FESTIVAL!!

Firstlook Festival is THE gaming-event of the Benelux. If E3 is too far away, don’t feel like traveling to Köln for Gamescom in the Summer, Firstlook Festival is your sure bet to get your gaming fix on. It’s been around for more than 10 years and we personally have been going there for more than at least half of that.

Over the years the Firstlook event has grown to be a full fledged festival where you can hang out with fellow geeks, to check out the latest and newest games. Not only will the big three be present (you know Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo), there is also massive support for indie developers, PC Gaming and ESports. Maybe retro games are more your thing, well that’s there too. There are loads of demos and even short tournaments you can attend and win some nice swag.


Firstlook Festival is known for its goodie hunts, meaning if you play your cards right you won’t have to go empty handed. Going home empty handed is not something that you have to be afraid of … like any geek festival there is a market place. And Firstlook’s market place is one of the best there is, ranging from good gaming deals, as well as merchandise, collectibles and clothing of any of your favorite Fandom, even if it isn’t a video game.

Cosplay has grown to be a pillar of Fistlook Festival. There will be many cosplayers present and if you are an avid or even a beginning cosplayer you are welcome to come in your cosplay.

Firstlook Festival is on 6 and 7 October in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht

For more information and tickets sales go to

We hope to see you there! and If you do spot us (check for the Find Geek Spots tote bag) … come say hi! We won’t bite …..